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Company Profile

Erkoç, follows simultaneously inoovations about medical supplies for husbandry in Turkey and in the World and has the products do not harm the environment and human, is one of the experienced and leading companies of the industry’s.

Erkoç tries to be first choice of the veterinaries and farms with it’s dynamic and experienced team and the common representation and distribution network throughout the country, including central Istanbul.

Erkoç always renews it’s products with the novelty to meet needs and requirements of veterinaries, and in this way it comes into a living entity meets the expectations at the highest level.

Our mission is customer satisfaction and our vision is to be a company without compromising corporate identity,serious, reliable, following the technology closely. you can obtain from Erkoç proven natural products in the international market, vaccines, tools and equipments. Medical supplies fitting your needs and without cost pressure will make your farming activities more profitable.

Preventive and therapeutic innovative products will increase the productivity of your farm. Timely and accurate delivery of the material will lighten your workload.

Erkoç,has a 27 year of experience in the husbandry sector, is an innovative and modern partner of veterinarians and owner of the farms with it’s strong representations.