Thaw Unit

(Turkish) (Sperma Isıtıcısı)


Thaw unit  MANUAL
Notice before using
– Do not power on before put water in thaw unit
– Use the specified adapter and wire

Model and Input Voltage
Thaw unit is for DC 12V, it can charged by car chargers (be sure the voltage is DC12V).

Technical parameters

Item Parameter
Power 25 W
Size 165 (Lenght)* 115 (Width)* 198 mm (High)
Weight 500 g.
Volume  400 ml.

Temperauture controller
The temperature controller of thaw unit use advanced artificial intelligent control algorithm and no overshoot.
Digital controller and the temperature are controlled precisely. It can be set a required temperature, e.g. 36.5℃, and when the temperature rise to 36.5℃.Thaw unit is heated from bottom and the temperature will rise evenly.
Up display LED Displays process temperature, down display LED Displays set temperature. The heater is working when LED indicator is on and the heater is turn off when the LED indicator is off. Press ˅  reduce the temperature, ˄ key data increases the temperature.
Control precision: ±1℃;
Protection: There is a temperature protection switch in thaw unit. The switch will work when the temperature is higher 50℃.
Time to heating water to 36℃: About 25min

– Fill Thaw Unit with clean tap water.
– Agitate the water by taking the basket and moving it up and down several times to assure water temperature is consistent through the water body.
– Place thermometer in water for a minimum of 10 seconds. See instructions on back of THAW MONITOR to determine temperature of water body.
– With the correct water temperature you are now ready to thaw semen in your Thaw unit