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Hoof-Fit Bath 20 lt

Foot bath treatment

Used for the hoof treatment on cattle and sheep. It contains AloeVera. When it is used with
Hoof Fit Gel, it gives perfect results. Preferred by Dutch milk producers.

Aloevera extract
Organic chelated minerals ( copper and zinc )
Curative and protective materials

Pharmacological Properties:
Because of it’s active ingrediends, it is used as a foodbath for digital dermatitis and
interdigital dermatitis cause by varied micro organizms on cattle, sheep and equines.
Milk producers generally use foodbath for treating hoof and claw disorders.
Most reliable in solving the foot and nail problems.

Hoof Fit Bath, is used by adding 3 litre in 100 litre water.
In several cases this rate should be increased as 5 Lt.