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Hoof Fit Gel 330ml

Used for the treatment of hoof diseases ( Digital Dermatitis & Interdigital Dermatitis ) on cattles and sheeps. It contains Aloe vera. When it is used with Hoof-Fit Bath, hoof diseases in farms can be fully treated. It is preferred by Dutch milk producers.


In 100 gr
_ 43,5 copper diamonyumcomplex
_ 43,5 zinc diamonyumcomplex
_   2,7 gr iso propil alcohol
_   1,35 gr Aloe Vera

– Hoof-fit Gel is externally used on cattles, shepps and equines for Foot rot, ( interdigital dermatitis) laminitis and footpad lesions caused by various microorganisms (Bacteriodesnodosus ve Fusobacterium necrophorum ).
– Hoof Fit is a natural gel used for treatment of wounds in claws.
– Thanks to its containing of zinc protein fixation and copper salts, it provides the wound healing quickly with it’s effect of siccative, antiseptic, astringent and bacteriostatic on wound.
– Aloe vera accelerates tissue generation and prevents growing the bacterials and outgrowing of the wound.
– It remains no residue after the treatment. Purification term is 0 day.

Usage :

Protection: Hoof-fit Gel should be applied on inter-digital space using the brush after trimming.

Treatment: In early and mild foot rots, it is applied by fully covering the wound with a brush and using a tape for the claw after cleaning the wounded area. The treatment can reapply after 4 days in several cases.

In 330ml plastic jar
Shelf life is 2 years.