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Hoof-Fit Liquid 10 lt

Intra Hoof fit liquid is used both individually and in group for treatment of hoof diseases in animals.

Contains AloeVera
Organic shelated minerals ( copper and zinc)
Curative and protective materials
Special adhesive even the hooves are wet

In groups, the treatment can be made manually with a low pressure spray.
When the low pressure is applied , it should be used the following procedures :



1- Tether the animals to the grid of the feeding trough.



2- Clean the hooves and apply the spray, don’t forget to clean the splits also.



3- Spray, using a low-pressure sprayer, the Intra Hoof-fit liquid on the back of the claw and in the inter-digital space.



4- Apply, for the first 3 treatments, a 50% solution, afterward treat the claws on a weekly basis with a 20% solution.