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Hoof Gao 100 gr



Daemonorops:Antiflarmatuar, antiseptic and astringent
Borneol: Antibakterial, antiinflamatuar, analgesic( more effective than Diazepem). It stimulates tissues and reduces swelling.
Sepiaesculenta: It has a homeopatic characteristic and neutralise calcium phosphate, calcium chloride and acid. It has astringent characteristic

After cleaning the ulcerated area on the claw, apply on the claw 3-5 gr Hoof Gao and tape with elastic bandage or tar bandage. Apply 2 times with 4 days interval

Hoof trimming should be applied for all cattle to decrease disorders caused by excessive growth of the claws. The trimming frequency is based on the growth rate of the claws. Trimming needs to be applied with the interval of 4-8 mounts for Holstein race.

Hoof Gao öncesi ve sonrası