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Ig Lock Canine 50 ml

Containing: 50 ml
Dried egg powder
Miyairi II 588

Mechanism of Action of IgY:
Effective against Canine parvovirus, Canine coronavirus, Canine adenovirus, Canine rotavirus
causing diarrhea on puppies. High titer ıgypatojenik containing in the product is effective for
protection of diarrhea caused by micro-organisms. It is an effective product against basil, viruses,
pathogens,food poisoning and high mortality rete.

Advantages of IgY:
– Protection and improvement against infection entreitis
– Protection for food poisoning
– Strengthen immunity
– Multiplication effect beneficial micro-organisms in the intestine
– Decrease significantly the mortality rate in dogs
In clinical trials, when IgY is used in high doses for Parvovirus infections having serious clinical symptoms,
80% success was obtained.When it is used in normal doses for mild parvovirus infection, 80% success was
obtained.When IgY is used in high doses for Coronavirus infections having heavily clinical symptoms, the
treatment rate is 100%. Also in adenovirus and rotavirus infections, the treatment rate is 100%.

Usage and Dosage:
1. day: In puppies, administer as quickly as possible after birth(within 6 hours), squeeze a pump orally.
2. day: Apply one pump. Additionally, apply one more time in a week in 1.2. and 3.weeks also appyl 1gr.
2 or 3 times against the stresses caused by Onset of illness, transportation, vaccination and parasites
treatments. The dose should be doubled in the big races.

Treatment Dosage:
Use for 3 days 2 times a day 2 gr ( 2 pump)

Packing and Storage:
Commercial: 50ml
keep in a dry and cool place(+4 degree)