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Ig lock-Gold 10 gr

Containing: In 10gr;
It contains concentrated specific antibodies of E.coli, Rotavirüs, Coronavirüs and Salmonella
Frukto-oligosakkarit, Clostridiumbutyricum, Miyairi II 588, L.acidophilus

Antibody in Calf Diarrhea (IgY):
The antibody, as a protein produced by immune reaction on the foreign substance (antigen) such as bacillus or virus etc invaded from the outside, is a living body defense system that combine to the antigen peculiarly(only that antigen) so that get the antigen nonpoisonous or non-activated then discharge outside the body. Mammalia headed by human being give the antibody that mother acquired to their children through breast milk or placenta meanwhile birds(chicken) which does not have placenta or breast milk either accumulate the antibody in the egg yolk then give it to the chick. At this time the antibody contained in the egg yolk is called IgY (= Immunoglobulin in Yolk.

Usage and dosage:
Protection:In the first 6 hours following the delivery 1 syringe (10gr) used orally. This dosage is enough for protection.
Treatment:Used 3-6 dosage( 10gr) with 12 hours interval. If there is liquid loss in calves, liquid electrolyte treatment should be performed.

Vaccination on calves, onset of illness, changes in feed, weaning and in situations that
create stress, it is used 1 time 10gr. In cases of transportation by a car, before and after
the transportation, apply 1 dosage (10gr).

Goat and sheep:
Protection: In the first 6 hours following the delivery (2gr) used orally.
This dosage is enough for protection.
Treatment: Used 3-6 dosage( 2gr) with 12 hours interval

Packing and storage:
Box: 10gr x 5 pcs/box
Storage: Keep on a dry place (+4 C)
Expiration Date: 2 years from date of manufacture

Producer company:Dan BiotechInc. – KOREA

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