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Intra Bath 160 Lt

It has an Invertor Awards in 2006. It has a special design.
Thanks to this design, it becomes soiled less than %60 and has an ideal using.
The Intra Bath is easy to handle, and, as a result, easy to move, fill, clean and empty.

The Intra Bath consists of three parts: 2 separate synthetic baths and a central grill.
The three parts are easy to assemble. The central grill prevents more than 60% of the
manure from dropping into the bath, so the Intra Bath becomes soiled far less quickly.

Add almost 3 litre Hoof-fit Bath in both two baths and add at least 15 cm water in baths.
An average, after 200 passage, we recomment to renew the solution.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Turkish.