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Masfrigao 10ml

It is used on the udder externally. It helps to treatment for udder inflamation, swellings and hardness.
Udder surface must be thoroughly cleaned before applying
A natural product used in the udder for clinical Mastitis treatment.
An effective product cure faster than antibiotics.
The treated area does not impact other healthy zones.
The treated breast milk gives the same effect as healthy cows’ milk.
Masfrigao Safe for milk.
After treatment, it does not leave residues in milk.

Usage and Dosage:
Two or three times a day with 8 – 10 hours intervals, for 2 – 3 days about 10 ml Masfrigao is applied on the udder to help the treatment wite massage until it is absorbed by skin.

20 pieces/box
200 pieces/carton