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Metizon 25 ml

Effect of Borneol in Metizon



(Analgesic) Reduce pain
(Antibacterial) slows bacterial growth
(Antifibrosis) Stabilizes the body’s fibrosis response to injury
(Antiinflammatory ) Systematically reduce inflammation
(Antioxidant) prevents damage to other molecules in the body. Anti-inflammatory, relieving swelling and pain, anti-inflammatory .
Voila philippica( %28,7 ) Anti-inflammatory
Lonicara japonica ( %30,6) Help to dispel toxins
A, D VitaminWater ( %8,2)

Usage and Indications:
In cases of acute and chronic endometritis occurring in cows after delivery, it helps also to clean rotten tissue caused by the endometrium, to treat fever pain and swelling
It is used to improve the intrauterine circulatory system, to activate the uterine mucosa, to help repair, to improve immune system functions.

Dosage and Application:
Metizon 25ml intrauterine single dosage is administered.
After the expulsion of the fetal membranes, single dosage is administered
The last days of the ovulation , single dosage is administered
A single dose is administered in cases occurring within the first 100 days after birth
In cases of Indications up to 300 days after delivery are given in 3 doses

Storage and Shelf Life:
It should be kept in the sun in a cool dry place.
Must be stored in the refrigerator and frozen

25ml /plastic injector
1 box/2 pcs metizon 25ml

Date and Number of Certification: 17.03.2017 – 7/027
Duration of drug clearence from meat and milk is 0 day.

Only Used for Animal Health.