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Repiderma Spray 250 ml


Copper chelate, zinc chelate, isopropyl alcohol, butane gas

Repridma is a product that acts directly on the skin and inside. Micronised chelated minerals present in the formulation can be easily absorbed through the skin, unlike traditional minerals. Repiderma therefore, acts not only on the skin, but also subcutaneously and into the skin. Due to the micronised chelate minerals, this procedure has been intensified and the latest nano-technology has been used.

Repiderma is used for digital and interdigital dermatitis in cows, sheep and horses, after horn blunting, breast rashes, umbilical cord infections and all open wounds.

Repiderma is only used externally. Shake the canister before use. Spray deeply for 3 seconds from a distance of 15-20 cm. the top of the skin should be evenly colored. If necessary, repeat the process after 30 seconds. Wait 30 seconds for the product to settle down.

Keep at a temperature below 25 ° C. Do not put in the refrigerator or ice. Protect against icing. Do not expose it to sunlight. Do not leave it at temperatures above 50 ° C. Do not hide near the fire. Do not smoke during use.

Things to pay attention before using:
Avoid contact with the eyes, and eyes may irritate. Apply the Repiderma spray after cleansing the deeply moving part. Be careful that after Repiderma is applied, it will stay dry deeply. There is no known side effect. Wear liquid impervious protective gloves when handling the product. Do not inhale the spray when using.

It is used only externaly.