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Rotagen Combo 50 gr

Technical Bulletin

1- Calf diarrhea Diseases



Concentrated CRYPTO specific antibody,
“water prufied glikoz’’, “Kaolin L’’ , sodium bicarbonate.

Cryptosporidium diarrhea consists of 15% of the farms, is a protozoan disease
characterizedby diarrhea in calves. The symptoms can become severe and fatal
disease on E-coli, Coronovirüs and Rotavirüs and infections. After the birth of calves
the disease consists during the first 30 days. Oocytes thrown out with the feces of the
infected calves, transmit to other healthy calves orally.

Clinical signs:
Body temperature is normal.It is seen in the diarrhea malodorous white, yellowish or
yellow mucus. we recommend Rotagen Combo Cryptosporidia

It is used for protection and treatment from diarrhea on calves,goats and sheeps.

Protection; After the delivery, it is used 10gr. as P.O in the first 5 days
Treatment; It is used by adding in the milk or water in the first day 10gr morning
and evening and then the following 3 or 7 days, it is used 5gr. in the morning and evening.

Sheep and Goat:
Protection;The first 5 days, it is used 2 gr. as P.O after the delivery
Treatment; In the first day, morning and evening 2 gr and then in the followinfg
3 or 7 days it is used 2g in a day by adding in the milk or water.

Store +25 in 100gr boxes.
Shelp life is 2 years from date of manufacture

Non toxical. Residue duree in meat is 0 day.
Any contact doesn’t create allergic reaction
Only used for animal health.